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A Simple Case Of Draw And Pace

Today’s post contains a couple of observations from yesterday’s racing that may be useful for future reference and a reminiscent ramble brought on by the return of an old chaser.

The first observation is a continuation of the pace theme and the second is a seemingly under considered effect of the draw at Lingfield. The [...]

The Effect of Pace – Southwell Handicaps

Firstly, just a quick update to my earlier post re the lack of pace in the 4.50 at Wolverhampton  on Thursday 4th Feb.

Although I said it was likely to be an unpredictable race it worked out in about as simple a manner as it could have done.

I said that Wyatt Earp was “thrown in on [...]

H is for Hurdle – Wrong Course Fiasco at Newcastle

Tues 16th Feb – Five horses including the favourite, Catleen, pulled up after taking the wrong course in Newcastle’s 2.40.

Jason Maguire was leading on Seedless when they came to the rail separating the chase and hurdle courses just in front of the winning post on the first circuit. Seedless had gone to the left quite [...]

No Pace - No Race (Why I'm not betting in the 6f handicap)

One of the first things I do when analysing a race is to allocate a pace rating to each horse. I check the last three runs of each horse and allocate points for the position they took immediately after the start of each race. If the horse led I give it 4 points, [...]

Amateur's apology is a lesson to the professionals.

Over the last week or so there have been several incidents which highlight the problems that racing has managing the public’s perception.

In my previous post entitled “A Whip Raised In Anger?” I dealt with Steven Gagan’s ten-day ban for striking Sacrilege eleven times at the start.  I concluded that this was fair enough given the [...]